Have you ever had your furnace or air conditioner cleaned by a professional? Have you been offered a maintenance agreement at least once? Most of us have probably turned down the service, but signing a maintenance agreement could be what is best for you and your HVAC equipment.

We have two tiers of service tailored to meet the needs of businesses of different size, complexity, and lifecycle:
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Power the fun stuff or cover an emergency with a GP Series portable generator. Affordable reliability and features not usually found on basic portable models make these a favorite for home use, camping, job sites or outdoor events.
Generac Portable Generators
+ Electric start on 8000E for easy start up.
+ Generac’s OHVI™ is the only engine designed specifically for generator use, providing the  
    reliability needed to run for hours on the job site, and days or even weeks during an outage.
+ Compact and durable construction with oversize full-wrap frame tubing and one of the best  
    power-to-size rations on the market.
+ Comprehensive, user-friendly control panel  includes engine controls (start/stop, fuel shut-off,
    choke), PowerBar™ watt meter, and LED illumination for easy, convenient operation.
+ Low-Oil pressure protection to protect the engine from damage.
+ Circuit breaker outlet protection including dual breakers on 120/240V outlets and GFCI
    protection on 120V outlets.
+ Maintenance kit included.